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Staging makes all the difference


Staging is the hottest trend in marketing your home to SELL right now. Did you know that you can "stage" your own home at little to no cost? Sometimes it just takes a new set of eyes with a different perspective using the furniture and accessories you already own. Clearing out clutter and creating clean visuals are sometimes all it takes. Other things like a fresh coat of paint, a deep clean or finding a way to let natural light in go a long way in the eyes of potential buyers. Assisting you with staging your own home is one of the services I offer at no added cost to you when I list your home. Typically, we will spend 30 minutes to an hour walking through your home discussing changes. I will then give you an afternoon or up to a weekend's worth of "homework" to stage on your own, then come in and tweak some final touches if needed before we put the sign in your yard.

If you, or your friends or family are thinking of listing, I would be grateful for the opportunity or referral to meet and give you a free market analysis. 405.206.5136


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